10 Ways to Save Money and the Environment

Do you ever think of ways you can save money and be a little more sustainably responsible at the same time? We thought about some ways we are wasteful on a weekly basis and we wanted to share them with you!

Use less paper towels, or stop using them all together! Use a Wet-it instead!

Stop using disposable kitchen products, save money by using bamboo or melamine ware. If you are going on a picnic, these can easily be wiped and rinsed off and of course reused!

When you are going to a cookout at a friends house, don’t bring disposable containers, use real dishes or melamine they are so much nicer and save you money!

Instead of purchasing snack size packs of everything at the store, buy a big package or bag and split it up in snack containers. So much cheaper!

Rather than buying pre-made and pre-packaged with an excessive amount of packaging and of course sodium and all that other stuff, make your own from scratch. Homemade and home baked goods taste many times better than pre-made from the store!

Use a water bottle that you refill instead of buying bottled water. Water pitchers with filters can easily be refilled and stored in your fridge.

Bring your own grocery bags to the store, instead of having to purchase bags or use the plastic ones that some stores offer, bring your own stylish bags!

When you have too much food leftover and realize you will not eat it all before it goes bad, freeze it! So many foods are perfect for freezing. You can even freeze milk and eggs!

Fresh herbs always add a finishing touch to meals. Plant your own herbs and you will enjoy them much longer than the small packs you can purchase at the grocery store.

Let your old food and fruit and veggie peel, etc become next years soil! Compost your leftovers and even your old old old well loved Wet-it cloth!

What are some things you can think of? Please share with us!

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