Word of mouth is the best marketing, see what others are saying...

"I used to hate cleaning house, but these cloths totally changed my attitude toward cleaning. It's so much fun now!" LouAnn N.

"Where have these been all my life?!?! I LOVE these. I wanted to get just one or two in case I hated them but they are amazing - like a super absorbent, VERY thick paper towel that you don’t have to throw away! Less waste - perfect. They rinse easily and can be sanitized in the microwave. I haven’t had to wash them yet but I’ll be interested to see how they come out of the wash. I’ll be buying SEVERAL more!" Kelly B.

"Best Buy Ever! These towels are amazing. I got my friends hooked. Hard to explain how great they work, you just gotta try, u won’t be disappointed!"   Linda S.

"I really like the durability of this sponge. It wipes my sink clean...no streaks! It is the only sponge I will use now. I especially like it's soap holding capability. I was using it for 4 months when I accidentally threw it away. I instantly ordered some replacements. I have given them to family and friends as a novelty gift. They also love this sponge. This vendor shipped very promptly." Suzanna K.

"Durable! I love these cloths! I buy them for friends all the time. Durable! Love the different pictures on them!" Hanna L.

"These were my first Swedish towels and I love them. I use them to wipe down counter tops, wash dishes, and pretty much any little mess a paper towel would be used for. Whenever they get a little dirty I just throw them in the dishwasher and they’re sparkling new. Love them! They’re also a huge money saver." Jefferson M.

"I love this product! A friend had given me one as a gift and I was so impressed with the quality, absorption and durability." Caroline S.

"Great investment! Love love love this for cleaning my counters and stove after meals! It does a fantastic job and DOES NOT leave any streaks on my stainless steel!!" Linda V.

"Love these dishcloths! They cut down my paper towel use immensely which makes me feel good as I go to a zero waste lifestyle! And they can be composted! I’ve been using the same one for close to 6 months and it’s not even showing any wear. When it looks dirty I soak it in boiling water and a little tiny amount of beach and it comes out pristine again!" Henry B.