Spring Closet Cleaning Session

So we are getting closer and closer to spring... 

The days are brighter, temperatures are warmer, the spring birds are chirping. It is soon time to switch out our wardrobes and prepare to dress for a new season.  

While we do that, let's also do a great closet cleaning and organizing session! 


Before we tuck away all winter clothing it is important to look over all garments and make sure they are completely clean. It is not fun to pull out a garment a year after it was worn and realize you had a forgotten that is not impossible to get out. And as you probably know, moth love soiled wool clothing and what is more disappointing than pulling out your favorite wool sweater and discover tiny holes all over it! 


Weed out! - go through and see what you wear and what you don’t wear! Sometimes garments can get hidden behind another and you might discover pieces you haven't worn in a while! As you weed out assess what you can resell and make a little money on, and what to donate, and what could be used for maybe a DIY project! 


Seasons and Occasions – keep clothes that are tucked away for the next season in a separate place. You shouldn’t have to look through all the fuzzy cardigans when you're looking for that lightweight summer top! Clothing only worn certain occasions should have their own section in the closet.   


Wipe shelves – here's where Wet-it comes in handy! Wipe all shelves. Clothes are dusty and you want all surfaces totally clean. This is also an essential part in keeping moths away.  


Wipe off and sort hangers  - you don’t necessarily have to buy hangers to keep a neat closet but it does help to have all hangers of the same kind, even if they are the clear ones from the store. If you use a couple different kinds, be sure to use the same type/color for one kind of clothing such a blouses and another for knit tops etc, to keep a consistent look. And have you noticed, hangers can get dusty and dirty, and so can the closet rod. Be sure to especially wipe the top edge of the hangers. 


Sort styles and colors – As much as possible try to keep the same types of clothing together. And then sort them by color going from light to dark. Your clothing rack will instantly look organized after this step! Do the same with all folded clothing on your shelves 


Get proper storage – An organized and tidy closet is possible on a budget! By getting simple but proper storage the closet is instantly refreshed. Get coordinating hangers, drawers, basket, bags, laundry bins, etc.  

Bins, bins, bins, and more bins! Yes they really help! If your closet if full of shelves. Bins make a difference achieving and keeping that clean look. Keeping sweaters neatly folded on a shelf when you are in a hurry, and trying to grab the one right in the middle is really hard. Keep them folded and placed on their side in coordinating bins is a huge help! Pull out the bin and you can see the whole stack and easily slide out the one you are looking for. 

Get simple coordinating décor, such a step stool to reach higher shelves, a magnet board for special pictures, a colorful calendar or why not frame your favorite wet-it! 

Before you finish, be sure all surfaces are wiped totally clean and you have thoroughly vacuumed the closet.  


You are soon well set for a fresh spring! 

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