Wet-it! Gift Guide: There is Something for Everyone...

This year, why not consider a present that seamlessly blends style, functionality, and sustainability? Enter the world of Wet-it! Swedish dishcloths – versatile, eco-friendly, and uniquely designed to suit various tastes. In this Gift Guide, we'll explore different designs, making it easier for you to choose the ideal gift for your loved ones.

For the Minimalist: 

If your friend or family member likes simplicity, go for Swedish cloths in classic patterns or simple colored dots. These designs are timeless and can blend into any kitchen decor, making them a practical and stylish choice for the minimalist in your life.

For the Minimalist

Product examples: classic blue, dots & dots green, houndstooth black

For the Gardener: 

Bring a touch of nature into the kitchen with Swedish dishcloths featuring gardening and floral patterns. These designs are perfect for those who love to surround themselves with the beauty of the outdoors, even in their cooking space.

For the Gardener

Product examples: English cottage garden, fresh herbs, orchid garden blue

For the Artist : 

Let Wet-it! sponge cloths inspire fun and creativity with abstract and artsy prints. These unique designs add a pop of color and personality to any kitchen, making them a cheerful and thoughtful gift for any occasion. 

For the Artist

Product examples: paisley multi color, arch blue chinoiserie, tropical zebra.

For the Chef: 

Elevate the kitchen of the aspiring chef, BBQ maestro or dedicated foodie with Swedish dishcloths featuring culinary-inspired prints. From utensils to ingredients, these Swedish dishcloths bring a touch of gastronomic flair to their home.

For the Chef

Product examples: baking time blue, verde veggie, bbq time, cooking measurements.

For the Pet Lover:

Delight the pet lover on your list with Swedish dishcloths with pet prints. From cute cats to charming dogs, these designs add a playful and heartwarming element to their kitchen routine.

For the Pet Lover

Product examples: cat lover multi color, dog lover multi color, happy bunny

For the Fall Lover:

Enjoy the warm and cozy tones of fall with Wet-it! Swedish dishcloths featuring designs inspired by the autumn season. From pumpkins to golden leaves, these cloths bring the essence of fall into the kitchen, making them a thoughtful and seasonal gift. 

For the Fall Lover

Product examples: beautiful fall, pumpkin harvest, coffee shop, sunflower round

For the Spring Lover:

Embrace the freshness of spring with Wet-it! Swedish dishcloths featuring vibrant designs inspired by the season. From blooming flowers to lively butterflies, these cloths bring the blooming renewal into the kitchen, making them an ideal gift who adores the beauty of springtime. 

For the Spring Lover

Product examples: painted chicken, beach ball round, daisies

For the Winter Lover:

Create a winter scene in the kitchen with Wet-it! cloths showcasing designs inspired by the beautiful season of snow. From adorable snowmen to delicate snowflakes, these dishcloths bring a touch of winter, making them the perfect gift for those who cherish the coziness of the colder months.

For the Winter Lover

Product examples: snowman green, cuddly polar bear, frosted snow

For the Collegiate Fan:

Show off your Alma Mater with the coordinating Wet-it!  sponge cloths.

For the Collegiate

Product examples: University of Kansas, University of Georgia, University of Tennessee.

For the Farmer: 

Capture the heart of farmers with Wet-it! dishcloths featuring farming-inspired designs. From tractors to cute pigs, these cloths add a touch of the farm to their kitchen routine.

For the Farmer

Product examples: farm to table, farmer’s friends, daisy pig.

For the Patriot: 

Show love for states with Fish Kiss by Wet-it! dishcloths featuring designs inspired by different states. Whether it's their home state or a favorite vacation spot, these cloths are a thoughtful way to remember a destination.. 

For the Patriot

Product examples: Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Michigan

This season, give the gift of style and functionality with Wet-it! Swedish dishcloths. With a wide range of designs to choose from, you can find the perfect present for everyone on your list. Whether your loved ones are foodies, animal lovers, nature lovers, farmers, or have a particular affinity for their state, Wet-it! cloths are a versatile and thoughtful present that will bring joy to any home. Take advantage of our upcoming Black Friday Sale for significant savings. Follow us on Instagram for more updates! 


Please bring the red Texas back, couldn’t find on web sight

Lanell Modisette April 05, 2024

Hello- I purchased several of your wet-it towels to give as gifts for Christmas, and I was hoping to add a little printed information sheet with the gifts to include an explanation of what the towels are, how to care for/wash etc. At the store I where I purchased them, them had a display placard with that info, but I cannot find anything on the website.
Is there any chance you have a graphic or file that you could email me with that tells a little about the towels? I’d like to be able to print something and add to the gifts.
Thank you!

Heather Little April 05, 2024

I dearly love your products and pray your company has continued success! I’m excited for my newest order, with the new Swirl Scrubby Wet-it. Also sharing the product with family and friends. The Wet-it cloths surprised a friend and she quickly fell in love with the ease of use and the strength of it. The Skrubba is also unique and amazing at removing tough spots on dishes, pans, my stove top, you name it. Thank you!
Sincerely, Paula Kent

Paula K-Southern Iowa April 05, 2024

Love wet-it clothes, your list of many uses was invaluable. Does my bathroom mirror and facets beautifully. Thanks for the hints.

Jan April 05, 2024

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