5 Reasons Why you should be using a Wet-it Cloth

So now you have found these little spongy cloths with lots of different designs and you wonder, why should I use these!

That is what we are here to tell you!

First of all we are so happy you have discovered this product and we know that once you have tried one out and used it, you will be hooked!

Wet-it cloths are a Swedish invention from the 1940's and are a popular commodity in the country. Practically every single house uses these sponge-cloths for so many types of chores. So why should we be using them? 

1. They are so versatile! Wet-it cloths can be used for any application! Anything from washing your dishes, wiping your counters, to washing your face and scrubbing the dog. Use the Wet-it!

2. Save money! Stop wasting money on paper towels that you just dump in the trash. The Wet-it cloth can be used over and over and will last at least 6 months. It can be washed in the washer or dishwasher. 

3. Save the environment! These cloths are eco-friendly, and biodegradable. Once your cloth has been well loved, you can through it in the compost and it will disintegrate after a few week. 

4. Always have trouble with lint on your mirrors and windows? Not with the Wet-it cloth! Your cleaning will be lint-free and streak-free. The Swedish sponge-cloth is used by some car manufacturers to polish car parts because it is lint-free and non-abrasive. 

5. Last but not least, the lovely designs! Our designer patterns are so popular we are constantly adding more for various applications. We have two sizes depending on the use. The designs can help you differentiate which cloth is used for what application!

We are so happy you found us and cannot wait to hear how you use your Wet-ti!


Brava , thank you. I use wet-its & love them, good for the
earth & us.
Remember, the Golden Rule & be kind to one another.

Tara O'Donnell June 09, 2020

These are so wonderful. I’ve given some as gifts but I love the designs so much I have to order two of each sometimes. Everyone I have given them too loves them as well. I’m ready to order more for Spring and Summer.

Darlene Roberts June 09, 2020

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