Is Spring Cleaning Important?

We hear about spring cleaning every year… why is that? It may be a tradition in your family or something that is just frequently talked about but not really done…Truth is spring cleaning is important for your health and wellbeing as well as the health of your home!

In times past, when people practically sealed their houses during the winter months to keep the cold out and heated the houses with coal, wood and oil, spring was a very anticipated season. As soon as warmer and sunnier days approached, it meant pulling the whole house out and getting rid of soot, ashes, oil and dust residue from the cold winter days.

Today our houses are mostly centrally heated and cooled and we have washers and vacuum cleaners to keep up with a good bit of the cleaning during the winter months. Yet, our houses are quite air-tight in one way so they are full of toxins and chemicals from all the different objects and surfaces we have in our homes. We also have stagnant winter air in our houses. So, we can still really benefit from a really good spring cleaning!

Spring cleaning helps with allergies. From the long winter days the house gets filled with all kinds of airborne bacteria, mold, dust mite, pollen, pollutants from different chemicals, mud, dirt, pet dander and other grit they bring along. These things get stuck in our carpets, curtains, lamp shades, and drapes. Cleaning reduces these allergens and makes it so much healthier for us.

Spring is also a perfect time to declutter, organize, make more room, see what you actually have and want to keep, and also find what you lost. Cleaning out and ditching items you no more need makes you feel so much better and will make you more productive! It is hard to concentrate and work when there is stuff everywhere.

So this spring when you are cleaning your house and getting prepped for a lovely and bright summer, don’t forget to use your wet-it cloth! It is fabulous for dusting furniture! It fits in to tiny crevasses. Wet-it is the perfect cloth for washing windows. Why not use your well used Wet-it for scrubbing the shower and the new fresh one for making your chandelier sparkle again!

We would love to hear how you will use your Wet-it this Spring!

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