45 uses for your Wet-it!

Did you think the Wet-it is limited to the kitchen sink? After reading this list you wont think that anymore! Get creative with your cloth and find how extremely versatile it is!

1.Soak up spills

2.Wipe counter tops

3.Clean stainless steel appliances

4.Wipe out the microwave

5.Clean the refrigerator

6.Wash dishes

7.Use under mixing bowl while mixing – for slip-resistance

8.Use under cutting board for slip-resistance

9.Place next to the stove while cooking, as a spoon rest

10.Lay veggies to dry on

11.Keep handy during messy baby mealtime

12.Place slightly damp under bowl to catch spills and overflow

13.Clean windows

14.Clean mirrors

15.Clean vanity

16.Wipe shower

17.Wipe tub

18.Wash floors

19.Dust furniture

20.Detail clean chandeliers

21.Dust woodwork

22.Clean ceiling fans

23.Polish silver

24.Clean toys

25.Wash dog

26.Groom horse

27.Place under pet bowl to catch spill

28.Wash car

29.Detail interior of car

30.Wipe off grill

31.Clean patio furniture

32.Wash face

33.Use as washcloth in shower

34.Use to keep baby warm during tubby time

35.Use to lay under baby during tubby time

36.Wet and freeze as a teething toy for baby

37.Polish golf clubs

38.Use on the boat –

39.Use it in the

RV and Camper

40.Use when camping in tent

41.Frame and use as wall art!

42.Send as a post card in the mail

43.Bring as a perfect hostess gift

44.Color-code – one design for each use in the house

45.When old, old, old and much loved – let it become soil for next year’s flowers. Put it in the compost!


What is your absolute favorite use? We would love to hear from you!


I am working from home now and needed a mouse pad and Viola used one of my Wet – it cloths. Perfect!

I am also going to send cloths to friends/family around the country during COVID-19 letting them know I am thinking of them.
Thank you love your product! Cathy

Cathy Cheney June 09, 2020

I received a Wet-It in a purchase of assorted products. I have replaced all my kitchen wash clothes with my Wet-It and have purchased a variety to give as gifts. No more stinky dish clothes! I have used my Wet-It all around the house. Love it, love it, love it!

Joyce Petty December 01, 2020

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