6 Clever Swedish ways to use eggshells in your home!

6 Clever Eco-friendly Swedish ways to use eggshells in your home!

Egg shells can be used in so many ways!

1. Eco-friendly kitchen scrub  - Crushed eggshells can be used to scrub the bottom of pans or coffee pots or vases with tough soil stains.

2. Make the coffee less bitter - Something you probably never would have thought of! Place some crushed egg shells with the coffee grinds in your coffee maker and you will get less bitter coffee!

3. Face cleanser - Grind the shells ultra-fine in a mortal, mix it with slightly mixed egg whites. Here you go! A perfect and completely natural face mask! (use with caution)

4. Tiny planters - In the spring time when you so your seeds use half egg shells as mini planters and place them in a recycled egg cart. The soil will get extra nutrients from the shell and when it is time to replant just place them directly in the new pot or flower bed. Just remember to punch the bottom of the shells for the roots to grow through!

5. Extra calcium for compost and flower bed - Egg shells will give your compost a calcium boost. You can also sprinkle them in the rose garden!

6. Clear the drain - Egg shells can help clean your kitchen and bathroom drains. Occasionally rinse some down the drain and they help clean out the pipes as they slowly disintegrate.

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