Inspiration and what to do while at home...

Spring is here!   


You are probably reading this from your home right now where you are spending an extended amount of time, maybe more than usual! While spending so much more time confined to your residence, there are so many things you can do!  

Let us start looking at the things that may be more obvious, such as cluttered counters. Or, an overflowing cabinet with doors that can't shut. And what about those drawers you have shoved odds and ends into. This is the time to work on those spaces! When your surroundings are clean and organized, you will enjoy your home more. You will also find it a whole lot easier to maintain, keep it clean and organized.  


This can also be a time to clean those surfaces that don’t get a whole lot of attention, such as ceiling fans, baseboards, blinds, lampshades and under the couch... to name a few!  



  • Go through all that stuff in the closet! Belts, shoes, bags, scarves....and more.  
  • Sort all bags, purses, toiletry bags, keep what you still love and use. Organize them on a shelf or store them in a bin. Smaller bags can be sorted nicely in a bigger bag for example. 
  • Sort the clothes in your closet by color, go from light to dark. Ex. hang the clothes in this order; white, cream, taupe, coral, pink, orange, red, purple, blue, green and yellow.  
  • Polish shoes, or some simply need a good wiping off – like last year's sandals covered in dry grass and sand.  
  • Iron everything in the closet – it is so easy when you go to pick out what to wear and everything is ironed! So easy and fast!   
  • Do some online commerce listing with things you realize you don’t need and make a little bit of extra money. hint: is a great site to list things on. 



  • Make a goal to organize every closet and cabinet in your home – If you are overwhelmed, do one at a time and as you see progress you will be encouraged to keep going!  
  • Write letters! There is something special about receiving handwritten letters in the mail!   
  • Sort through all your stashes of family pictures and see what you want to put in pretty albums. 
  • Thousands of pictures on your phone? Now is the time to order photos or photo books online.  
  • Sort through the nightstand - everything from mail, to chap sticks, to pens! Let each thing finds its proper place! 
  • Organize paperwork, and if you can, get organizers or folders or just use paper clips for now.  



  • Sow seeds! It is very simple and inexpensive! Grow even in small spaces, whether you have a large backyard, just a small balcony or a kitchen window sill, you can still start a little "garden". It is exciting a rewarding to watch a plant grow!  
  • Refresh your patio or porch space – clean the outdoor furniture, maybe wash/clean the cushions. 



  • Go through pantry, sometimes things in the back get overlooked and then out of date... If you can, pour things such as flour, sugar, rice, quinoa etc. in nice clean airtight containers. This is a great refresh!  
  • If you have a walk-in pantry, it is nice to place boxes, bags in containers sorted and organized by category. 
  • Try new recipes and make in bulk to freeze. You can even freeze pasta dishes for later use!  
  • Organize one cabinet at a time, sometimes we just need to pull everything out to see what we actually have and discover things that were missing! And it is so nice to have clean cabinets. 
  • Clean all the kitchen drawers... they often somehow end up with crumbs and some stray hairs!  
  • Polish all silverware – this can be done in the sink with a paste of salt and baking soda and boiling hot water, let them soak for 20 min and then rinse and dry them on the Wet-itXL mat.  
  • Get all appliances nice and shiny with a wet-it!  



These are just a few tips to help you get inspiration on what to do with your time at home (if you are quarantined)! We pray everyone gets through this together!  

2020 can be the year you really did a thorough Spring cleaning!  



(We understand that restrictions vary and you may not be able to do some of the above activities. Be sure to follow local guidelines and orders. And above all, stay safe!)  


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