Make Your Own Wet-it Face Mask

The CDC is recommending that people wear a mask or covering for mouth and nose in public places to inhibit the spread of the coronavirus and remember this is in addition to social distancing. 


Disclaimer - these are homemade masks and are only partially effective in protecting you and others around from the virus, just like any other homemade cloth masks. 


We wanted to share a way you can create a face mash using a nice wet-it! 



The idea is that the wet-it cloth is thicker than most fabrics used to make home-made masks 

They are also stiff in shape similar to N95 masks or respirators 

They can be washed, bleached, to be sure they are completely disinfected 

They can be reused! 

They have cute designs that are sure to make someone smile during this unprecedented time! 



What you will need: 


  • A new wet-it cloth -  brand new and unused or one that is brand new but has been wet, dried, and ironed 
  • 2-4 rubber bands, or 2-4 hair ties, or 2 strings or ribbon  
  • Needle and thread if available(optional) 
  • Hole puncher or scissors or knife or  



Here's what we did: 

  • Take a new cloth and begin to place it against your face 
  • Be sure to cover your nose and down to your chin 
  • Start "shaping" the cloth to your face 
  • You will want to make like a pleat on either side of the mask 
  • Once you have somewhat "shaped" the mask, check your creases and make them more even  
  • You can use paper clips or pins to first tack the folds down 
  • Mark an even spot on both sides where you want the hole for the rubber band/elastic/string to go through 
  • Then grab a hole puncher, (or use metal grommets, or if all you have is scissors or a knife on hand that works as well) and punch holes through all the layers (the rubber band will help keep all layers together, thus keep the shape of the whole mask, or if your able to, sew the creases down) 
  • Take your rubber band and loop it through the holes and then loop it through the other end of the rubber band, if it is too short for you, you may want to loop a second set of rubber bands through to lengthen it 
  • If you are using a string you can make two holes on either side to thread your string trough (optional) 
  • Use scissors and carefully trim the corners of the cloth and some of the edges to better shape your face 


Don’t touch the front of the mask when taking it off, pull the bands off from around your ears.   

Be sure to hand wash the mask after each use.           

When you wash your mask be sure to lay it on something round to dry to help it keep its cup shape. 

You may even want to iron it a tad to help it keep its smooth shape. 


If you wear glasses, be sure to wash your glasses with soapy water and let them air dry. This will prevent them from fogging up when wearing a face mask.  


We will get through this is we help each other! 


Be safe and wear your mask! 

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Candy and mask making! Neat website! I. Love your products! I’m hopeless doing arts and crafts, so I ordered a premade mask. My husband loves the Scrubba! He says “Those Swedes have great ideas!”

Andrea Gutierrez June 09, 2020

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