Swedish Choc Balls

This is an all time Swedish childhood favorite! 

Growing up, we made this popular Swedish sweet countless times! “Choklad bollar” can be purchased at nice bakeries all over Sweden, and often in the grocery stores.  

But the home-made version is unique but so yummy too! 


What’s so nice is how simple it is to make and how few ingredients you need! 

You probably have the ingredients already in your quarantine kitchen and pantry! 


Chocolate balls are one of the first things most Swedish children learn to help bake because it is so simple and no sharp utensils, stove or oven are required 

We had a little 2-year-old helper making it this time so it did get a little messy we have to say but thankfully our Wet-it cloth was handy and spills were easily wiped up! And the balls aren't evenly covered as they should be... but we had fun! 


This will make 15-20 balls 

7 tbsp softened butter 

7 tbsp sugar 

3tbsp cocoa 

1 1/2 cups rolled oats, quick oats work great 

3 tbsp cold strong coffee 

1 pinch kosher salt 


For rolling the balls any of these toppings work or find your own favorite:  

Pärlsocker – crushed sanding sugar 

Shredded coconut 

Melted chocolate 



Powdered sugar  



Start by softening the butter a little, do not melt it, just get it soft enough so it is easier to get the ingredients blended together. 


Combine all ingredients in a bowl, or if you want to use a food processor or mixer that works great too. 


This time we actually used a oat mix with wheat rye, barley and red quinoa for an extra "wholesome" treat! We chopped it up a little because the oats in this mix are rather thick. 


Mix everything together thoroughly, be sure the butter is completely mixed in. 


Start rolling into inch size balls. 


Normally the balls are rolled in what we call pärlsocker, it is like white crushed sanding sugar and often used on Swedish baked treats. But it can be very difficult to find (we always bring some back to the US after visiting family in Sweden) so there are lots of other things you can try instead.  

Shredded coconut is also very common but isn't always something everyone has in the pantry here. 

If you don’t have any of these, get creative and maybe even give crushed cornflakes a try or why not even quinoa! 


The balls taste best after they have been refrigerated for a couple hours and hardened a little bit but you can eat them right away too! 


So simply dump it all in one bowl, mix it well with your hands, shape them into small balls, roll them in whatever you chose! 


I hope you will enjoy these as much as the Swedes do! 

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